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Online Qld Boat Licence Course

Our Online Boat Licence (OLT) course has replaced Remote Learning. The new Allstate Boat Licensing OLT Qld  Boat and Jetski Licence Training can now be done in your own time without sending for books etc (No Upfront Payment required).

 The OLT courses are designed to enable students to work at their own pace and complete the course in one (1) or more sessions, depending on the time they have available. A maximum of four (4) weeks from the day of Registration is set down by Department of Transport and Main Roads Qld (DTMR) regulations.

It's your choice to use a Computer, Tablet, Smartphone or a combination of those devices (a large screen is a recommended option). You will require an Internet connection. It is recommended that you check your Internet plan account limits and applicable fees (data usage may be considered chargeable metered data), especially if using mobile data plans.

We also continue to provide highly qualified trainers for traditional Face to Face class room Boat and Jetski Licence training if you prefer a personalised learning style.

Now you can chose to do your online boat and jetski training sessions at your own pace and time, plus you can go back and resume where you left off by logging back in at a later time.

Guide to getting started with an online Qld boat licensing course

  1. Select your Training Location (see list below) where you would do your Practical Assessment
  2. Choose Type of OLT Licence Course

    • Boat and Jetski Licence combo or
    • Jetski Only (for existing Boat License holders) or
    • Boat Licence Only
  3. Register and create a username and login password
  4. Get started immediately, no upfront payment required, nothing to lose with peace of mind fee free enrolment
  5. Do the course in one sitting or multiple sessions to suit your time frame.
  6. You can work through the OLT in one session or return later and pick up where you left off last.
  7. After working through the OLT theory sections, you will have an Online quiz which requires a 100% pass.
  8. You are permitted multiple attempts at the quiz (within 4 weeks from date of registration).
  9. The time required to do the OLT courses, including the quiz, will vary from student to student.
  10. The following are the times you can expect to spend to complete the theory component of the Online Training and corresponding quiz;
    Boat and Jetski combined 5½ - 6 hours, Boat 5 hours, Jetski 1 – 2 hours.
      (the above times do not include Practical Assessment, see Booking Practical Assessment, below for details)
  11. You have four (4) weeks to complete the OLT course in which you enroled. (contact Trainer / Assessor if you need to start again).
  12. When you have done the online boat licence course you contact your Allstate Boat Licensing & Training assessor to arrange your Practical Assessment. This time is in addition to the OLT theory and quiz.

A detailed OLT description displays at the start of the OLT course. If you have further questions please contact your preferred Trainer / Assessor.

Access Online Training via your preferred Trainer Location