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Free Online Boat & Jetski Licencing Practice Quiz


Allstate Boat Licensing and Training announce a free boat and jet ski licence online practice quiz. Some students like the option to experience a pre course Boat and or Jetski licence practice test. To help students we now provide a no charge (free) practice Quizzie. The Quizzie does not require a login or registration.

The Quizzie sample will

  • provide a cross section of practice questions and answers
  • at the end of the quizzie students will have their score and results displayed along with all of the questions and the correct answers and any wrong answers clearly marked
  • questions are multiple choice style
  • questions are randomized so each visitor to the test gets the questions in a random order, and means taking the test again provides a different question sequence experience
  • there is no fee to accesses the Quiz and you can take the quiz anonymously.

The practice test Quizzie does not replace a classroom boat and Jet ski license training or written exam test.

To access the Allstate Boat Licensing & Training - Boat and Jetski licence Quizze go to Free Online Boat & Jetski Licencing Practice quiz