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Queensland Boat & Jetski licence training course FAQs

FAQs - Qld Boat and Jet Ski licence test

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Online Training FAQs

Can I do OLT and go to any other Boat Licensing company to do Practical

Can I do the Practical before I finish the Online Training

Can I just do a Jetski (PWC) course

Course Fees, Times and Dates

Do I need to get 100% in each quiz

How do I arrange my Practical after completing OLT

How do I confirm my registration for OLT

How do I enrol in an Online course

How long will do I have to do a Online Training after Enroling

How much time after doing the Online Training do I have complete the Practical and Exam

I changed my email address for OLT

I did not recieve the Welcome Email after registering a login id

I forget my password or Username for the OLT

I got 1 Question wrong, do I have to do the entire Quiz again

I need to change the training location I used for Enrolment

My current course progress status is no longer displayed as Enrolled

Only 1 family email address for multiple OLT registrations

Where do I get an Enrolment Key for OLT from

Boat and Jetski Licence Frequently Asked Questions

Are Online Boat & Jetski Licencing Practice Quiz options available?

Can I lose my licence on the water with any breach of rules?

Can I use this licence in other states that require a licence?

Can you drive a vessel that requires a licence under the age of 16 years?

Do you have to renew you boat licence each year?

Does it go on your car licence?

Does this boat licence cover all size vessels?

How do I purchase a Gift Certificate

How old do you have to be to get a boat licence?

Who enforces the rules on the water?

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